Specialized Release 2021 StumpJumper Evo

7 Oct 2020


The 2021 Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Comp isn’t just a trail bike. No, its your shred sled ripper, built to full send down the gnarliest of trails. Rocks, roots, jumps, drops? Theyre no match for the EVO Stumpjumper.


SEND IT! That’s right, not too stiff, not too soft…. this bike slaps!


These days we can make a frame as stiff as the day is long, but it turns out that’s not what feels good on the trail. To be one with the bike requires engineered compliance in the frame. Specialized call the EVO frame a “Sidearm” chassis. See that asymmetric strut that flows along the right side of the shock between the top tube and seat tube? That’s the Sidearm and it’s an integral part of the EVO frame, minimizing twist and allowing us to deliver a very specific feel that unifies the frame from front to rear. Sidearm design not only delivers the ride quality you crave, it does it while using the absolute minimum of material, rendering a frame that is strong, lively and exceptionally lightweight.


We’re lucky to be riding during the Golden Age of mountain biking. We have access to more trails than ever, built with more diversity than ever, riders are progressing and nailing what was previously impossible, and now the new Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Comp has evolved to meet the demands of modern riders. Delivering unprecedented control, capability and adjustability, along with unexpected climb-ability, it tames any terrain from chundery jank to progressive high-speed flow and modern big hits. It’s your seat in the eye of the hurricane. And that’s good, ‘cause when shit starts flying on the trail, you’ll be zen in the middle of the mayhem.




The EVO Comp brings control and capability to every rider, every style, in every trail scenario. This bike serves up so much control, you can pick lines you never even saw before. And in those inevitable pilot-error situations, the EVO is your auto-correct for blown lines and your insurance policy for misjudged hucks.



Available in six style-specific sizes, the 2021 Stumpjumper EVO sets the benchmark for progressive trail geometry, delivering DH capability never before found in a 150mm bike alongside lively climbing manners. How? The generous cockpit gives you the room you need–centering you on the bike, optimizing traction and corner control. The low bottom bracket, slack headtube angle and reduced fork offset keep things stable in the rough, while giving you the freedom to destroy the turns, float through them, or nail the inside lines. A steeper seat tube optimizes power output and puts your weight over the front while climbing. And short chainstays keep things flickable and nimble.



The SWAT™ door on the Stumpjumper EVO Comp is a masterpiece of carbon fibre construction and spatial optimization. A simple pull and twist of the water bottle cage opens into a cavernous downtube storage compartment. There’s 15% more room than before–enough room to store 22oz of life-giving water in an included, specifically designed bladder. Or some tubes and a rain jacket. Or folded up slices of pizza. Or multiple bananas (careful with that last one). Because the engineers can tailor the layup of the carbon fibre, putting material where it is needed most, they can also design in this easy access storage compartment with zero compromise of chassis strength or stiffness. How good is that?




To be the Ultimate Trail Bike means to rule in any rider style and in any terrain. Its a big ask, Specialized have delivered the most adjustable geometry they have ever offered on a trail bike.

HEAD ANGLE: Adjustable between 63° and 65.5° via unique eccentric headset cups with three settings. So, whether you’re riding steep and seep, low speed technical trails, or something inbetween, you can tune your EVO trailside in minutes to match the terrain.

LONGER: To keep your centre of gravity down and thereby keep stability high, the EVO bottom bracket is always low. But now, you can fine tune BB height by 7mm by swapping the Horst Link Chips.

DOWN IN FRONT: The steeper seat tube angle, reduced offset fork, and forward-biased riding position keeps power to the pedals,and keeps thesteering quick and nimble while climbing. Instead of a sluggish climbing compromise, the EVO’s pedal-happy geometry makes easy work out of getting to the top, so you’ll be energized and ready to send thedescents.



You won’t realize how much chain-slap was slapping your ride until it’s gone. Oh, the joy of silence! With a new proprietary chainstay protector, it makes the drivetrain now virtually silent by disrupting the sinewave of an unchecked chain clattering away in the rough. The result is the transcendent silence of one hand clapping.


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