Shred’s Flexi Elbow Pads Lite

5 Sep 2020


After the success of the Shred Lite kneepads (and after taking a bad fall and cutting open my elbow), I decided to try out Shred’s Flexi Elbow Pads Lite. These are very similar to the knee pads, nice and light so you forget that you’re wearing them. Up until recently I never wore elbow pads, but these are the perfect balance between protection and comfort… Plus they look cool too!



Like all sleeve pads they are hard work getting on and off… but once they are on they stay in place with no issues of them sliding down. They also allow plenty of arm movement with no restriction.



SLYTECH™ SHOCK ABSORPTION | Proprietary foam intelligently and progressively adapts to different forces and impact speeds for thorough protection—even in low energy crashes. Simply put, it stays flexible when you ride but hardens to protect you when you crash.
SLYTECH™ Flexi | Slytech™ Foam molded with a hexagon structure is especially thin and light while also offering unrivaled flexibility and certified impact energy absorption.
ARMORTEX® | This tough, elastic fabric on the front panels of the pads enhances durability, offering protection from abrasion and punctures while also stretching to provide comfort and a refined fit.


Elbow pads are one of those things that you don’t realise you need, until you fall, land on your elbow and have to finish your ride early! The Shred Lite Elbow Pads offer the perfect balance between being lightweight, yet having very good coverage and offering a great level of protection. From now on I will be wearing these elbow pads on every ride!!


They are currently on offer, so grab the whilst they are cheap.


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