Review: Shred Flexi Knee Pads Lite

29 Jul 2020


Shred sent us some protective-wear to try out and we have been very impressed! Shred seem very confident in their gear and rightly so! I tried out the Shred Flexi Knee Pads Lite and they are now my new favourites!


I have been wearing these kneepads for the past few weeks and I am very impressed. They are very comfortable and from the second you pick them up you realise how light they are. The protection however is plenty for trail riding. I have a number of kneepads from different brands and these are turning out to be the ones that I will be wearing most regularly. They are a lot less restricting than my others and also stay a lot cooler. The low-profile padding means they can fit nicely under stretchy skinny jeans whilst still offering significant protection. They are also easy to maintain, simply throw them in the wash at 30 degrees Celsius with the rest of your muddy riding gear.



Technology and features:

  • SLYTECH™ FOAM | Our proprietary foam intelligently and progressively adapts to different forces and impact speeds for thorough protection—even in low energy crashes. Simply put, it stays flexible when you ride but hardens to protect you when you crash.
  • SLYTECH™ Flexi | Slytech™ Foam molded with a hexagon structure is especially thin and light while also offering unrivaled flexibility and certified impact energy absorption.
  • ARMORTEX® | This tough, elastic fabric on the front panels of the pads enhances durability, offering protection from abrasion and punctures while also stretching to provide comfort and a refined fit.
  • SAFETY STANDARDS | EN 1621-1 Level 1 (motorbike limb joint protectors), K Type A



If you are going more hardcore downhill then I would recommend trying their more heavy-duty kneepads (click here) which offer extra protection around the sides, but for everyday trail riding these are the best I have tried.




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