Video: World’s First TRIPLE FLAIR

20 Jan 2022


British BMX heavyweight Kieran Reilly has spun his way into the BMX history books landing the world’s first triple flair. To make it happen the crew built a custom roll-in and ramp at Asylum Skatepark in Nottinghamshire, England, where Kieran spent days on end attempting the trick, taking heavy hits one after another. The learning curve was steep, painful & at the end, breathtakingly successful.


Video: Jake100 – SUR//REAL

6 Dec 2021


When we entered the first lockdown here in the UK, I knew that I had to use the permitted time outside to continue doing what I love, riding my bike. The first time I hit the streets at night I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It was still London, the buildings were there, the lights were on, but the people were missing. There none of that London buzz, it was absolutely surreal.


I instantly knew I had to somehow document this but the challenge was how? I didn’t want to add to the situation, so I knew this had to be a responsibly distanced two-man project. I sketched a plan, rang up my mate and brilliant videographer, Send It Brad, and together formed a plan. We spent every night filming on the empty streets of London two hours at a time for the next four weeks.


I am extremely proud of how it turned out and how we managed to pull this together with all the restrictions and challenges we faced along the way. While it’s cool to look back on this project, I do, however, hope that I never have to see London like this again.


Surreal was shot over a month-long period during the 2020 lockdown in London by myself and ‘Send It Brad‘ in accordance with the relevant health and safety guidelines and under strict compliance of the rules in effect during that time.


Directed by:


Captured by:
Send it Brad & Jake100


Edited by:
Matt Reyes aka @slumworm


Text & Intro:
Teo Andreoli


Slumworm – 1431 (Dark Castels Ep) + Score

Video: R-Dog x Beacon Hill, WA

30 Jul 2021


After spending an off-season and a year of lock-down on his home trails in Santa Cruz, California, R-Dog, aka Ryan Howard, finally flew the coop to visit a friend and check out their riding scene. When you’re a frequent flyer at world-class riding destinations throughout the years, it can be hard to find that level of trails, jumps, and stoke elsewhere. But with the right mix of features, banter, wildflowers, and local insight to lead the way, any place can become your next epic destination.

Video: QUICK & DIRTY 1 | Finn Iles

24 Jun 2021


Quick & Dirty is a three-part video series, filmed by Rupert Walker, designed to showcase some of my favourite trails around BC and the stuff that I like to ride day-to-day.


For this first instalment, we filmed across a variety of locations that I spent time at to help me prepare for the World Cup race season. From Mount Prevost to Cypress Mountain, to my own backyard in Pemberton, each of these locations brings something unique and special.

Video: The Slate Line

4 Apr 2021


The Slate Line is the brand new edit from Gee Atherton, the World Champion mountain-biker renowned as one of the toughest and most daring riders in downhill mountain-biking.


Following hot on the heels of his death-defying and spectacularly exposed “The Ridgeline” Gee tackles a new line at a disused slate quarry in Wales. In his constant quest to progress his extreme sport Gee sets out to conquer a moving mountain with one of the biggest gaps he’s ever jumped and a super-sharp surface where any mistake will not be forgiven.


The slate line is mind-blowingly precarious and features some of the biggest gaps that Gee has ever ridden.

Video: Gee Atherton Rides The Ridgeline

5 Dec 2020


“This is probably the most impressive thing I’ve ever seen Gee do on a bike, absolutely on the very edge of what’s possible.” – Dan Atherton


Above Dyfi Bike Park, a grassy ridge runs down from a 666m summit. The views are stunning but just 2 metres to the left the land falls away, dropping hundreds of metres…


Gee said “I’ve always wanted to film here, it’s so incredibly exposed and totally unique but it’s not a fun place to ride, its terrifying!”


Spectacular action from one of the world’s toughest and most accomplished riders.