Shred Brain Box Noshock Full-Face Helmet

7 May 2021


Shred’s Brain Box Noshock boasts its Its ROTATIONAL ENERGY SYSTEM™ (RES)—the lightest and thinnest solution for addressing rotational forces. It then pairs that with their integrated honeycomb-cone-structured SLYTECH™ Foam to create a synergy for combating linear and multi-directional forces.


When we opened this we were presented with a drawstring carry bag and a custom fit system, which is basically two sets of padding, a thick and a thin so you can get the perfect fit.


The helmet itself has an adjustable visor and a lot of vents for great airflow.



The things we loved about this helmet were the weight and the air-flow. It never gets too hot like some other full-face helmets. We also have a lot of confidence in its proven technology, so when the shit hits the fan we know we are have the best protection.




  • SHRED. ROTATIONAL ENERGY SYSTEM™ | Patent-pending technology that manages the effects of rotational accelerations to the head on impact by allowing a relative movement between the helmet and the head through the use of ultra-thin, multi-directional absorption units made with an elastic layer.
  • SLYTECH™ SHOCK ABSORPTION | A patented honeycomb cone structure made of SLYTECH™ Foam is integrated into the EPS impact absorption element to allow impact energy to dissipate in multiple directions for optimal safety.
  • XT2® | Anti-microbial technology that uses silver to provide permanent odor protection.
  • VENTILATION | Strategic system of 15 vents to channel the air from the front of the helmet to its back, preventing the head from sweating and goggles from fogging.
  • CUSTOM FIT KIT | An additional set of thicker pads and ear pieces to fine tune the helmet’s fit.
  • CONSTRUCTION | Fiberglass Hard Shell | Integrated SLYTECH™ NOSHOCK honeycomb | 15 vents | Adjustable visor | Plush interior padding



  • CONSTRUCTION | Fiberglass Hard Shell | Integrated SLYTECH™ NOSHOCK honeycomb | 15 vents | Adjustable visor | Plush interior padding
  • SAFETY STANDARDS | EN1078 (Europe bike) | CPSC (USA bike) | ASTMF1952 (USA DH MOUNTAIN BIKE)
  • MATERIAL | FIBERGLASS | Super Light EPS | SLYTECH™ proprietary foam | ABS (visor)
  • WEIGHT | 1096 g [S/M size]




Check out our reviews of Shred’s kneepads, elbow pads and goggles.


28 Jan 2021




As riders, we are all guilty of the gluttonous sin; we never stop striving, never stop pushing, enough is never enough in the hunt for the ultimate. It’s a constant push for bigger, longer, rougher and faster with ever increasing demands on the performance and capabilities of our bike. The pursuit is endless.


It’s a motto that athletes like Sam Hill live by. The new Nukeproof Giga is the embodiment of this idea; Designed to be the ultimate hard-hitting Super-Enduro weapon for when you just need more.


The Giga is a seriously capable machine, with 180mm (27.5”) or 170mm (29”) rear travel; the Giga is a monster truck of a bike that has travel in reserve for when you need it. But to pigeonhole it as a point and shoot machine would be a disservice as it is so much more capable than this might suggest! Due to the way that it uses its travel; the Giga gives you the feel of a big bike, yet the versatility of a modern super-enduro bike. The Giga has a dynamic and confidence inspiring ride to help you push your limits in all kinds of terrain. It’s equally at home at big mountain technical enduro stages of venues like La Thuile, as it is lapping the biggest lines in the Whistler bike park.



The suspension is designed to be super supple off the top, whilst being supportive in the mid stroke and progressive throughout the rest of the travel. The anti-squat is optimised to ensure the Giga descends like a hooligan yet behaves itself on the climb back to the top for the next run.


The suspension platform is based on the same horseshoe driven linkage as our award-winning Dissent downhill frame, albeit now with a 2-stage main pivot flip chip. Using an eccentric axle system, riders can alter the Kinematic progressivity; so the bike can be tailored to suit the conditions on the trail with only an 8mm allen key.


• Setting 1 = 25.5% progression
• Setting 2 = 29% progression.



Both settings have a super supple beginning for small bump compliance. They also both have good mid-stroke support for better cornering and pumping. Like the Dissent, the progression drops off in the end stroke to prevent mid-stroke harshness or spiking and allows more tuning options with volume spacers.


The + Progressive setting can be used to add shock progression on a coil set up just like adding a volume spacer to an air shock. The added suppleness is also good in wet and slippery conditions.


The Giga Frame is constructed completely from UD 700/800 Carbon fibre. This allowed us to optimise the stiffness and compliance of the frame parts individually. The front triangle has been tailored for stability and precision, whilst the rear triangle was designed for compliance to help tracking and provide grip. Another bonus of the carbon rear triangle is that it has a lower un-sprung mass for ultimate suspension performance.



Available in 5 sizes (Small to XXL) in either 27.5” or 29” wheel size, there is the perfect fit for everyone. The frame geometry is Long, Low, Slack and Steep as it is based around our saddle offset principle, which ensures the seated riding position is tailored across all sizes, with steeper seat angles on bigger frames. The Seat tube is also designed for maximum seat post insertion to allow maximum drop.


The Giga is also sculptured to fit a 750ml water bottle (carbon bottle cage included) as well as an accessory mount under the top tube for emergency trail tools. All models also feature an integrated rear mud guard and plenty of clearance for up to 2.5” tyres. The frames feature a clear paint protection kit as standard with 3D contoured rubber downtube, seat and chain stay protection.


The Nukeproof GIGA: Gluttony is not a sin.



Orbea Introduce Raw Carbon Frames

3 Jan 2021


Spanish bike brand, Orbea have introduced unpainted carbon frames to their lineup. We will see this colour option in the Oiz, Alma, Orca OMX and Rise e-bike.



Carbon-fibre does not corrode like metal does and many people love the purist look of raw materials without being covered in paint so we believe this will be a growing trend.



On top of looking great there are actually slight performance benefits too. Orbea claims that up to 100 grams of weight can be saved which doesn’t sound much, but on bikes like the ultra-lightweight Alma XC hardtail those grams make a difference.


As beautiful as raw carbon-fibre looks, it can scratch badly, so investing in a clear adhesive layer of protection would be something to consider.

Introducing the new DMR V11 Pedals

9 Nov 2020


Made from a sturdy Nylon composite with 4140 hardened CroMo Axle and amazing grip with tuneable steel pins.


Introducing the new DMR V11 Pedals. For those that favour the durability, compliance and affordability of composite pedals, the new benchmark choice from DMR is here.



• Large platform area 105mm x 105mm
• 19mm thick
• Low profile body with concave foot bed
• Tuneable pins with outer Moto Pins for serious grip
• Strong 4140 Cro-Mo black steel axles (9/16″) with 6mm hex key fitting
• Fully serviceable for long life
• Weight 450g/pair



The V11 is moulded with the same proven shape as the multi award-winning Vault pedal, providing a huge platform with DMR’s unique concave shape that allows your foot to sit deep into the centre for supreme grip.  The V11’s durable glass reinforced nylon body features eleven replaceable steel pins each side for rock solid grip. All pins are secured with captive locknuts for ultimate durability. Outer pins are Vault Moto pins that sink deep into your shoe, keeping your foot well and truly planted. The V11 is fully rebuildable with the same proven internals as DMR Vault pedals, guaranteeing ride after ride with no-nonsense performance.


To purchase these or just check-out the colour options, click here.




Shred Soaza Goggles

30 Oct 2020


As winter draws closer here in the UK the weather has been getting wetter and the trails muddier. One advantage of this is that we finally got to try out the Soaza MTB Goggles given to us by Shred. Here is what we thought…


We went for the clear lenses for maximum visability, so they can be used all year round if we wish. We were impressed by the Shred Soaza MTB Goggles wide viewing angle, clear lens and “Super Anti-Fog” technology. My biggest pet hate with most goggles is the steaming up, but these goggles didn’t seem to suffer from that at all and when wearing them you forget you have them on.


Another great thing we found was that they were quite small in size and therefore able fit all of our variations of full-face and enduro helmets. The grippy rubber on the strap also did a good job of keeping the goggle firmly in place whilst riding.


For those of you who wear glasses, one of our crew found that they could be worn over his glasses, which is rare for most goggles.



Personally these were the best goggles I have worn. I usually have many issues with goggles and avoid them was much as possible, but these were a revelation! Great fit, great visibility, great anti-fog protection… what more could you ask for! They also come with a nice drawstring bag which doubles up as a cloth to clean your lense.


Currently only have the pink in stock, but they are 50% off at the moment. Keep checking back for new stock and new colours.



Nukeproof Reactor ST

8 Oct 2020


Nukeproof release new limited edition trail bike


The NukeProof Reactor 290 ST factory 29er Mountain Bike is a limited edition lightweight, short travel version of the Reactor that is designed to tackle serious miles efficiently and comfortably, for all day fun in the saddle.


Crosscountry/backcountry/upcountry/downcountry: However you define it, the Reactor ST does it all and everything in between! It just might be the most versatile bike we have ever made.


The Nukeproof Reactor 290 ST; a limited edition lightweight, short travel version of the Reactor that is designed to tackle serious miles efficiently and comfortably, for all day fun in the saddle.


With a 130mm fork combined with 125mm of rear suspension, the Reactor ST combines the best of an enduro bike (long, low and slack) with the best of an XC Race bike (lightweight spec and efficient suspension) to create a sprightly yet seriously capable machine.


Frame Construction:

To optimise the weight, strength and stiffness, the Reactor 290 ST Carbon frame features a full UD woven carbon fibre frameset (Including chain and seat stays).



Adjustable Geometry:

The Reactor ST features a 66.8° (66.3° Low) Headangle atop a 76.3° (75.8° Low) seat angle across a 460mm reach on a Medium frame. We also offer the frame in Large and X-Large sizes. The Reactor ST frames feature the same “flip chip” design as the regular Reactor frame to adjust the geometry from “Trail” to “Rail mode”.


Trail – As the name suggests, this setting is best suited for trail riding. It is for riders who get as much enjoyment from the climb as the descents.


Rail – The Rail setting turns the Reactor ST into a more aggressive machine, dropping the bottom bracket 6mm and slackening the head angle by half a degree. It is there to maximise the descending capabilities.


Suspension Design:

To ensure the bike could climb as well as it descends, we designed the 4 bar horst linkage to have higher levels of anti-squat for climbing gears but lower levels when you drop down the cassette. This means that the bike can behave itself on the climbs but when you get it up to speed, it turns into a trail hooligan.


The combination of low anti-squat and progressive rate give ultimate small bump compliance (removes rough trail and root chatter) with good mid stroke support for cornering/pumping and end stroke progression for aggressive riding. Balanced anti-rise figures allow the Reactor ST some squat when braking hard, maintaining rider position and providing a good amount of pressure through the tyre to ensure traction. The Reactor ST is designed to reward the rider and ensure you get that stoke factor in on any ride.



Specialized Release 2021 StumpJumper Evo

7 Oct 2020


The 2021 Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Comp isn’t just a trail bike. No, its your shred sled ripper, built to full send down the gnarliest of trails. Rocks, roots, jumps, drops? Theyre no match for the EVO Stumpjumper.


SEND IT! That’s right, not too stiff, not too soft…. this bike slaps!


These days we can make a frame as stiff as the day is long, but it turns out that’s not what feels good on the trail. To be one with the bike requires engineered compliance in the frame. Specialized call the EVO frame a “Sidearm” chassis. See that asymmetric strut that flows along the right side of the shock between the top tube and seat tube? That’s the Sidearm and it’s an integral part of the EVO frame, minimizing twist and allowing us to deliver a very specific feel that unifies the frame from front to rear. Sidearm design not only delivers the ride quality you crave, it does it while using the absolute minimum of material, rendering a frame that is strong, lively and exceptionally lightweight.


We’re lucky to be riding during the Golden Age of mountain biking. We have access to more trails than ever, built with more diversity than ever, riders are progressing and nailing what was previously impossible, and now the new Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Comp has evolved to meet the demands of modern riders. Delivering unprecedented control, capability and adjustability, along with unexpected climb-ability, it tames any terrain from chundery jank to progressive high-speed flow and modern big hits. It’s your seat in the eye of the hurricane. And that’s good, ‘cause when shit starts flying on the trail, you’ll be zen in the middle of the mayhem.




The EVO Comp brings control and capability to every rider, every style, in every trail scenario. This bike serves up so much control, you can pick lines you never even saw before. And in those inevitable pilot-error situations, the EVO is your auto-correct for blown lines and your insurance policy for misjudged hucks.



Available in six style-specific sizes, the 2021 Stumpjumper EVO sets the benchmark for progressive trail geometry, delivering DH capability never before found in a 150mm bike alongside lively climbing manners. How? The generous cockpit gives you the room you need–centering you on the bike, optimizing traction and corner control. The low bottom bracket, slack headtube angle and reduced fork offset keep things stable in the rough, while giving you the freedom to destroy the turns, float through them, or nail the inside lines. A steeper seat tube optimizes power output and puts your weight over the front while climbing. And short chainstays keep things flickable and nimble.



The SWAT™ door on the Stumpjumper EVO Comp is a masterpiece of carbon fibre construction and spatial optimization. A simple pull and twist of the water bottle cage opens into a cavernous downtube storage compartment. There’s 15% more room than before–enough room to store 22oz of life-giving water in an included, specifically designed bladder. Or some tubes and a rain jacket. Or folded up slices of pizza. Or multiple bananas (careful with that last one). Because the engineers can tailor the layup of the carbon fibre, putting material where it is needed most, they can also design in this easy access storage compartment with zero compromise of chassis strength or stiffness. How good is that?




To be the Ultimate Trail Bike means to rule in any rider style and in any terrain. Its a big ask, Specialized have delivered the most adjustable geometry they have ever offered on a trail bike.

HEAD ANGLE: Adjustable between 63° and 65.5° via unique eccentric headset cups with three settings. So, whether you’re riding steep and seep, low speed technical trails, or something inbetween, you can tune your EVO trailside in minutes to match the terrain.

LONGER: To keep your centre of gravity down and thereby keep stability high, the EVO bottom bracket is always low. But now, you can fine tune BB height by 7mm by swapping the Horst Link Chips.

DOWN IN FRONT: The steeper seat tube angle, reduced offset fork, and forward-biased riding position keeps power to the pedals,and keeps thesteering quick and nimble while climbing. Instead of a sluggish climbing compromise, the EVO’s pedal-happy geometry makes easy work out of getting to the top, so you’ll be energized and ready to send thedescents.



You won’t realize how much chain-slap was slapping your ride until it’s gone. Oh, the joy of silence! With a new proprietary chainstay protector, it makes the drivetrain now virtually silent by disrupting the sinewave of an unchecked chain clattering away in the rough. The result is the transcendent silence of one hand clapping.


Specialized StumpJumper Evo 2021 Range:



Full Range

New Vitus Nucleus and Vitus Sentier

22 Sep 2020


Vitus have released the 2021 versions of their popular hardtails the Nucleus and the Sentier. We delayed this article as they got sold out within the first week…. so we waited until they became available again!


The Vitus Nucleus and Vitus Sentier have won best in their price range every year for the past 4 years running so we always have high expectations for their new releases.


Vitus Nucleus 2021

Lets start with the budget-friendly Vitus Nucleus. The Nucleus is simply unbeatable at its price point. It is the perfect bike for any beginner yet is capable enough to keep up with you whilst you gain experience and progress to more gnarly trails.


Prices start at £549.99 for the VR and go up to £699.99 for the VRS. You can choose between the 27.5 inch or 29 inch wheels and the price stays the same for both.


But lets get to the fun stuff! These bikes are known for their great frames which have brilliant geometry. On top of that add quality components such as an SR Suntour XCR air fork, a 1x drivetrain (an excellent Shimano Deore for the VRS model) and a decent set of tyres, it is levels above its competitors. Usually finding a bike at this price range with a reliable, lightweight air fork and 1x drivetrain is difficult, but the well-made frame with perfect geometry means this frame is good enough for a much more experienced riders. It has the potential to last you forever, simply upgrading the components as you improve over the years.


Full specs



The Vitus Sentier 2021

The Sentier is the bigger brother of Nucleus. Like the Nucleus, it is a nimble and playful but with slightly different geometry and a big step-up components. The more expensive VRS version comes with a Fox 34 Float suspension fork, Shimano XT 1×12-Speed groupset with Shimano SLX hydraulic disc brakes. Plus, its wheels and Schwalbe tyres are Tubeless Ready and it’s equipped with a Brand-X dropper seatpost.


The Sentier is generally considered one of the best bikes in it’s price-range and has won multiple awards for best in category over previous years.


Full specs


As you can imagine, these bikes are popular and sell quickly, so grab one whilst you can. They are sold at Chain Reaction Cycles and Wiggle only. If they are sold out then keep checking regularly as they seem to constantly restock.

Trek Slash 2021

10 Sep 2020


Trek have released the long-awaited 2021 version of their Slash model.


Prices for the 2021 Trek Slash start from a very reasonable £2650 for the Trek Slash 7, and for the real pros out there, go all the way up to £7500 for the Trek Slash 9.9. With most people reviewing the higher-end versions, we decided to look at the more affordable Trek Slash 7.


The Trek Slash 7 29er Mountain Bike is a high-value all-mountain ripper that’s built for shredding singletrack at full speed. It’s got a stout aluminium frame and capable suspension package that can smash through gnarly, choppy descents like nobody’s business.



It’s right for you if…

You’re an all-mountain rider who loves pinning steep descents and sketchy rock gardens. You want a bike that’s born to plough through the roughest stuff at full tilt, is fully capable of racing enduro, and doesn’t break the bank.


The tech you get

An aluminium frame built for harsh riding with a threaded bottom bracket, dual downtube guards, Knock Block 2.0 and 160 mm of travel with a RockShox Select+ shock and 170 mm Yari RC fork. Plus, a SRAM NX Eagle drive train and Line Comp 30 wheels that are already completely tubeless ready, including sealant.


The final word

It may be the most affordable Slash in the line-up, but don’t underestimate how fast it’ll carry you down the mountain. You get a frame built for day after day of hard riding with a no-nonsense parts package that leaves enough cash in your pocket for enduro entry fees or a lift ticket to party laps.


Why you’ll love it

  • It’s equally at home between the tape and in the rugged wild – Slash excels at racing enduro, but it’s ridiculously fun on gnarly trail rides, too
  • A sleek internal storage compartment gives you a versatile spot to stow tools and gear
  • We added a second down tube guard to better protect your frame from shuttle-related damage
  • New, removable Knock Block has a bigger steering angle to keep cables and hoses safe without sacrificing turning radius
  • Wider seat tube, wider dropper – the 34.9 mm diameter post is stronger, more durable, and moves up and down faster






  • Weight M – 15.08 kg / 33.25 lbs (with tubes)
  • Frameset
  • Frame Alpha Platinum Aluminum, internal storage, tapered head tube, Knock Block 2.0, Control Freak internal routing, downtube guard, shuttle guard, threaded BB, ISCG 05, 34.9mm seat tube, magnesium rocker link, Mino Link, ABP, Boost148, 160mm travel
  • Fork RockShox Yari RC, DebonAir spring, Motion Control RC damper, tapered steerer, Boost110, 15mm Maxle Stealth, 170mm travel
  • Shock RockShox Deluxe Select+, 230×62.5mm
  • Wheels
  • Wheels Bontrager Line Comp 30, Tubeless Ready, 6-bolt, SRAM XD driver, Boost 110 front, Boost 148 rear
  • Tires Bontrager XR5 29×2.60″ front, XR4 29×2.40″ rear, Team Issue, Tubeless Ready, Inner Strength sidewalls, aramid bead, 120 tpi
  • Drivetrain
  • Shifters SRAM NX Eagle, 12-speed
  • Rear derailleur SRAM NX Eagle
  • Crank Size: S
  • SRAM X1 Eagle, DUB, 30T steel ring, Boost (55 mm chain line), 170 mm length
  • Size: M , ML , L , XL
  • SRAM X1 Eagle, DUB, 30T steel ring, Boost (55 mm chain line), 175mm length
  • Bottom bracket SRAM DUB, 73mm, BSA threaded
  • Cassette SRAM PG-1230 Eagle, 11-50, 12 speed
  • Chain SRAM NX Eagle, 12 speed
  • Components
  • Saddle Bontrager Arvada, hollow chromoly rails, 138mm width
  • Seatpost TranzX JD-YSP39 dropper, internal routing, 34.9mm
  • Handlebar Bontrager Line, alloy, 35mm, 27.5mm rise
  • Stem Bontrager Line, 35mm, Knock Block, 0 degree
  • Grips Bontrager XR Trail Elite, alloy lock-on
  • Headset Knock Block 2.0 Integrated, 72-degree radius, cartridge bearing, 1-1/8″ top, 1.5″ bottom
  • Brakeset SRAM Guide T hydraulic disc



Shred’s Flexi Elbow Pads Lite

5 Sep 2020


After the success of the Shred Lite kneepads (and after taking a bad fall and cutting open my elbow), I decided to try out Shred’s Flexi Elbow Pads Lite. These are very similar to the knee pads, nice and light so you forget that you’re wearing them. Up until recently I never wore elbow pads, but these are the perfect balance between protection and comfort… Plus they look cool too!



Like all sleeve pads they are hard work getting on and off… but once they are on they stay in place with no issues of them sliding down. They also allow plenty of arm movement with no restriction.



SLYTECH™ SHOCK ABSORPTION | Proprietary foam intelligently and progressively adapts to different forces and impact speeds for thorough protection—even in low energy crashes. Simply put, it stays flexible when you ride but hardens to protect you when you crash.
SLYTECH™ Flexi | Slytech™ Foam molded with a hexagon structure is especially thin and light while also offering unrivaled flexibility and certified impact energy absorption.
ARMORTEX® | This tough, elastic fabric on the front panels of the pads enhances durability, offering protection from abrasion and punctures while also stretching to provide comfort and a refined fit.


Elbow pads are one of those things that you don’t realise you need, until you fall, land on your elbow and have to finish your ride early! The Shred Lite Elbow Pads offer the perfect balance between being lightweight, yet having very good coverage and offering a great level of protection. From now on I will be wearing these elbow pads on every ride!!


They are currently on offer, so grab the whilst they are cheap.


More Info