Shred Soaza Goggles

30 Oct 2020


As winter draws closer here in the UK the weather has been getting wetter and the trails muddier. One advantage of this is that we finally got to try out the Soaza MTB Goggles given to us by Shred. Here is what we thought…


We went for the clear lenses for maximum visability, so they can be used all year round if we wish. We were impressed by the Shred Soaza MTB Goggles wide viewing angle, clear lens and “Super Anti-Fog” technology. My biggest pet hate with most goggles is the steaming up, but these goggles didn’t seem to suffer from that at all and when wearing them you forget you have them on.


Another great thing we found was that they were quite small in size and therefore able fit all of our variations of full-face and enduro helmets. The grippy rubber on the strap also did a good job of keeping the goggle firmly in place whilst riding.


For those of you who wear glasses, one of our crew found that they could be worn over his glasses, which is rare for most goggles.



Personally these were the best goggles I have worn. I usually have many issues with goggles and avoid them was much as possible, but these were a revelation! Great fit, great visibility, great anti-fog protection… what more could you ask for! They also come with a nice drawstring bag which doubles up as a cloth to clean your lense.


Currently only have the pink in stock, but they are 50% off at the moment. Keep checking back for new stock and new colours.