Ben Deakin’s Signature Saddle

16 May 2020


Our favourite saddle at the moment is Ben Deakin’s slim, tough and lightweight signature OiOi Saddle which comes in a range of camo colours.



Here are some features:


  • SUPERLIGHT FOAM Combined with lightweight CroMo rails.
  • DYNAMIC PROFILING Comfortable for long days in and out of the saddle.
  • LOW PROFILE Shape allows easy weight shifting.
  • BLUNT NOSE Maximizes usable climbing space.
  • DURABLE Camo cover for when it all goes wrong.
  • FLEXIBLE Spined base.
  • WEIGHT: 270g.
  • DIMENSIONS: 278mm x 147mm.


It is currently on offer at Leisure Lakes Bikes. Get camo’d out while stocks lasts.